Our staff are selected after going through a fair interview, during which a transparent scoring system is adopted to help the interview panel in the selection process, are enhanced DBS checked and fully referenced. This will ensure the recruitment of carers who can deliver kind, compassionate and effective care as promised.

To promote a consistent approach to delivery for individuals we support, we have to understand further the needs and wants of our service users and to see if these are being met with kindness and compassion. To achieve this, we will use the form of regular spot checks and weekly feedback as a method to ensure service users are receiving effective and good quality care, are happy with the level of care, can make suggestions for improvement or make a complaint or compliment any member of staff and service.

All of our policies and procedures ensure we are providing the care that we have stated in our Statement of Purposes. The aims and methods to reach the outcomes we target have been outlined though the feedback procedure, training procedure, the meetings and short discussions that take place monthly or weekly and through the actions we take to implement all forms of complaints, compliments, suggestions, directions and request.

We believe it is essential to foster an open ethos to enable all forms of complaints, concerns, suggestions and methods of reform to better understand the level of care that is being provided and the environment it is being provided in. We also encourage staff to be open and raise concerns or suggestions as they wish in order to create a fair and transparent work environment.

All feedback will be directly dealt with by the management and supervisors resulting in an action plan. All feedback will remain confidential.