Our bi-multi lingual staff have many years of care experience and a good/practical understanding of both the cultural and religious distinctions among the community members. All our staff have had constant training that prepares them to fully understand their roles as carers, and they also have the ability to deliver person centered care. Some of our staff have also been employed in care for many years.

All our staffs are given essential mandatory training and other care development courses that will further support and add to the skills the staffs acquire. Training is provided before carers are placed with service users and all other training is provided monthly and then regularly updated and repeated through workshops and events.

Hallam Homecare Services is committed to deliver and support continued training and development of domiciliary care staff. Our trainers provide mandatory training for the staff in our in-house facility before starting their employment.

This list of courses is open to changes and additions as the needs of continuous development arise.

Regular checks and weekly feedback, as well as monthly/ quarterly meetings,  are used as a method to ensure service users are receiving the care they need, are happy with the level of care, can make suggestions for improvement or make a complaint or compliment any member of staff and service.